Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What would Bob Barker say?

Everywhere we went, there were stray dogs and cats. Some of the cats behaved as you would expect feral cats to, but others were quite assertive and friendly. In many cities around the world there are large stray populations. I haven't done any research as to why this might be but several things come to mind. First and foremost, animals are not commonly sterilized and there may be no large, organized public or private spay/neuter campaign. Second, people may not keep pets inside their homes in some other countries as much as we do here. Maybe you "own" and feed a pet cat that hangs around your stoop. Third, maybe there are some other religious or cultural reasons that don't occur to me.

On the one hand, as an animal lover, one delights in making friends with any four-legged critter one comes across...on the other hand, as an animal lover, it's distressing to see all the haggard or wormed-up or pregnant dogs and cats all over the place, without proper care.

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