Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It has a name: jilbab.

If you have read the previous Istanbul posts, you know I have been pining for one of those "Islamic style" long coats I saw on so many women in Turkey. Well, now I now the name of that obscure object of desire: a jilbab. The term is actually one of several used somewhat interchangeably to describe Islamic women's outer garments.

Apparently the most attractive and highest quality jilbab(s?) come from...Turkey. No wonder I thought some of those sistahs looked fabulous, with their color coordinated scarves, clothes, jilbabs made of every fabric under the sun, from denim to shiny. Just 'cause they were covered didn't stop them from being fashionable. I even saw some women in the totally baggy black abayas that were trimmed with rhinestones (and a big honkin' sparkly buckle) or jet beading.

I also saw some younger women that were wearing funky dresses over jeans...I know this had gotten to be a trend in the northwestern US as of late, but I can't help wondering if it started over here as another, semi-rebellious, youthful way to cover seems perfectly natural to see it in Istanbul, but goofy in Seattle or Dallas.

I still want one of those coats. A denim one.

And now maybe I can find one online, since I can't dash back to Turkey for it...

(too large for me but it's a start)

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controlled chaos said...

Dang! that's a nice jilbab!
Even i haven't seen one that nice before, it's more like a dress. That covers everything...
I was gonna tell you to try and get one in Dearborn, if you're ever in Michigan. But they are so much more expensive here. If possible you should just get one tailored to your liking. That's what I did when i went to India :) it was awesome